Top 10 Best Things to Do for Your Body Now

The average modern adult's day to day life involves many unhealthy habits: skipping breakfast, vending machine lunches, lack of exercise, late nights, and early mornings. Until lifestyle changes occur, our bodies will continue to feel fatigued, sore, and uncooperative. Make your body a priority today by committing to the top 10 healthy habits for those who want to enjoy life.

  1.  Go Outside
    A moderate amount of sunlight is good for your body, and it supplies you with extra Vitamin D. Fresh air is also good for your health. Depression and stress is often credited with a lack of sunshine, so make it a point to spend at least a few minutes outdoors every day.
  2.  Go Green
    Going green is not only good for the environment, it is crucial to the health of you and your family. Instead of breathing in harsh chemicals next time you clean the bathroom or kitchen, try making a homemade cleaner with white vinegar. Get rid plastic food containers which might lead to cancer. Replace plastic with glass or other alternative materials.
  3.  Find a Hobby
    There is a strong connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body. Stressed or unhappy people are rarely energetic or healthy. Adopting a hobby that you are passionate about can reduce stress from work or family life, and possibly lower your blood pressure in the process.
  4.  Break Off Unhealthy Addictions
    Chances are you have some habits that need to go. Smoking, excessive drinking, or even a caffeine addiction isn't doing your body any favors. You don't need to quit cold turkey, but the weaning process should begin today.
  5.  Embrace Balance
    Even the healthiest actions can be unhealthy when overdone. Exercising for hours every day, abandoning carbs altogether, or resting too often can all lead to an unsatisfying and unhealthy future. Try to establish a careful balance in all areas of your life, including work, relationships, diet, and fitness.
  6.  Adopt Healthy Sleep Habits
    Many people feel that they can't be productive unless they get up long before the sun. That's fine, as long as you are heading to bed early too. The average adult functions best on eight hours of sleep, and these restful moments are crucial to overall health. If you struggle with sleeping through the night, try investing in an eye mask, a CD of relaxing background noises, or even a new bed.
  7.  Teach Your body What To Crave
    In an ideal world, our bodies would only crave healthy meals in appropriate portions. Sadly, most of our appetites have been corrupted by sugars and processed foods. You can teach your body to crave the right nutrients again with a little effort. It's not enough to just buy some carrots and force yourself to eat them while staring longingly at a cookie. You need to hunt down healthy recipes that your taste buds love and introduce your tongue to flavorful, satisfying, healthy eating.
  8.  Quiet Your Soul
    Everyone needs a little quiet time to calm their nerves and rest their bodies. How you do this is up to your own preferences. Some people learn to meditate. Others find a quiet spot outdoors at the beach, in the mountains, or at a local park to just be alone and commune with nature. If you are religious, daily time reading your holy book can do wonders for both your soul and health.
  9.  Cultivate Good Relationships
    Never underestimate the power of loved ones to keep you motivated in your healthy living. Relationships with friends and family remind us of why our healthy bodies and lives are so important to us. If we do fall ill, these loved ones can lift our spirits and encourage us to never stop fighting for our lives. According to Rebecca Smith, medical editor of The Telegraph, cancer patients with supportive friends and family live longer on average than those without solid relationships.
  10.  Celebrate Good Health
    In other words, exercise. Just the words "working out" can leave you feeling discouraged and exhausted. It is time to shift your perceptions. Active living is really just a way to enjoy your good health. Don't waste a healthy body on the couch. Instead, run, swim, bicycle, play volleyball, go kayaking, climb rocks, or do whatever else gets your heart pumping faster. Enjoy your body. You might not be able to live actively forever, so celebrate your life today.


Rebecca Smith
Support from family 'helps cancer patients live longer.'
The Telegraph