The Sale of Body Parts

Ivan is a middle aged man who lives in central Russia. He is a construction worker who loves his work, but his pay is barely enough to supports a family of four. His oldest daughter is extremely intelligent and begs her father to send her to college so she can learn to be a doctor. But due to the high costs of a medical education, this is not affordable. Ivan loves his daughter very much,and would do almost anything to send her to medical school. He even tried working at a second job, but there still wasn't enough money.

While Ivan was reading the newspaper he came across an ad offering a large sum of money for a kidney donor. He answered the ad,and latter had a meeting with a doctor and lawyer. After a thorough medical examination,they were prepared to give Ivan 10,000 American dollars, but it would have to be for a kidney plus the cornea of one eye. Ivan thought of the pleasure he would have if he could have a doctor in the family, and he agreed, the operation was done soon afterwards. Ivan was left blind in his left eye,but he felt he had made the correct decision. Working at his job would now be more difficult, but he could still do good work.

Ivan's daughter was given a partial scholarship at a major medical college in Moscow, and the rest of the cost was paid for by the money Ivan gave her. Five years later she graduated with full honors as a cancer specialist. Today she has a private practice in New York City where she has saved the lives of many of her cancer patients. She never forgot what her father did for her,and paid the costs of the whole family coming to America.
Ivan is still a proud man, and often looks into the mirror to remind him of his noble sacrifice.

The sale of body parts has provoked a bad image. It is looked upon by many as a desperate way of making money; and many people think it should be outlawed. But body parts might be all a person has to offer in exchange for the money they so desperately need. Unless the people of the world are able to provide an alternative to the person that is ready to sell their body parts, the people of the world should keep silent. There might come a time when money is desperately needed by them, and those that protest most,would gladly sell their body parts to get it.