One Body

We are one body,
designed to with stand,
and weather all storms.
We should build it strong,
and not weaken it, to harm.

We must stand and mend,
heal from hate and save all men.
We must strengthen our women,
by believing in our children,
even when we don't understand.

Hate divides our houses,
I know, it divided mine,
Bigotry is a cancer,
sifting through Ideology and time,
and will ruin strong minds.

Social or political,
Moral or Immoral,
Still it rides,
Passing it's hard lined option,
Chiding it's chide.

It's amazing!
We've gotten this far,
with so much inside.

Schools broken,
with uneducated children,
even teachers laugh,
Dumbing down the strong,
I know!
I've seen it,
with my own eyes.

Taking young people,
with hopes and dreams,
and dashing them with political
schemes, giggle in the halls,
at how you told the others,
how dumb and black they are,
Mean while those guy's,
can Pass the Bar!

Or laugh at how,
they don't want to do labor,
While you drive off in your suit,
and Mercedes Benz.

No wonder they want to shoot,
up your neighborhoods,
over and over again.

We are in this together you fool,
Your hate makes a mockery,
out of me,and you.

Ruins it for my children,
at public school,
Your programs of hand me down,
don't work,
While your kids are in private school,
you JERK!

Listen to me here,
I say, Today is the Day!
Poor! Does not discriminate,

So Black and White we will stand,
Together to take back our land,
We won't tolerate HATE!

We won't tolerate your bullshit lines,
Written in The Times,
or movies that separate,
or songs that BERATE!

We are standing today Strong,
and learning to just get along,
we know your games now,

Your Democrat, Republican.
Cash Cow!

Together we will stand,
like God intended for fellow man.

Your the Minority now!
The Minority of Hate!