Do Body Shapers Really Work?

Body shapers are being sold just about everywhere online, TV shopping shows and even Wal-Mart now is selling the body shapers. They are advertised to take several inches off you when wearing them, allowing clothes to fit better and hiding rolls and bulges especially around the mid section. Some places tell you that you can wear their body shaper during the summer and it will keep you cooler and you won't be uncomfortable. While some claim that they can take off 2 inches while wearing them others just state that you will look thinner.

Body shapers are worn under clothing and like the girdles of yesteryear they fit snugly to the body. They come in one piece, and 2 pieces. The one piece will snap at the crotch, which can be harder for plus size women to snap. The two pieces will overlap some at the waist making it easier to wear.

Most of the body shapers are made of spandex or lycra which will give you a tighter fit and will hold in your stomach muscles. With the body wear also giving you better posture you will look thinner, using better poster will help your stomach muscles look flatter. Sometimes the body shapers will also have panels in the front to help your stomach flab compress better. Some of the body shapers I have seen do not have large bulky seams which are great.

Which is the correct style to wear depends on your body type. Sometimes you can get away with just wearing the control briefs, others will benefit from the 2 piece body shapers which will give your bust down to your thighs better shaping and making your buttocks look firmer. There are many styles and selections to choose from with the body shapers, and each style will help you control different parts of your problem areas.

Wearing the body shapers are quite comfortable compared to the old time girdles that you have to wiggle and struggle to get them on. These slip on quite easily and once in place they stay in place allowing going through your day and not even knowing that you are wearing a body shaper. They may help lower pain by giving your back better support and with supporting your stomach muscles.

I wear mine almost everyday. They are comfortable and I don't even know that they are on. I love the way that it smoothes the bulges and makes me look thinner.