This is My Body

Do we truly realize how blessed we are when we receive the Eucharist at Mass? Do we truly realize, in our hearts and souls, the deep reality of Who we receive in the Eucharist? Do we comprehend in our spirits Who it is that we are touching as we receive the Host from the priest? We are actually "touching" Jesus Himself, our Redeemer. Jesus is placed gently and reverently onto our tongues or into the palm of our hands by the priest or Eucharistic minister. As we lovingly receive Him, we are filled with His presence and transformed through His love. What an overwhelming thought!

As we feel His Presence within, we become mindful of our guardian angel, near us at all times to guide and guard us. During the consecration of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Our Lord, our angel bows in holy adoration. Reverently, the priest lifts the host and declares, as Jesus did over 2000 years ago, "This is My Body. This is My Blood." Our heavenly angel truly knows Who is being adored at that exact moment. Being a heavenly spirit, angels are aware of the heavenly presence in the Eucharist; they bow in complete adoration to their Creator. Unlike our guardian angel, we observe only a small round piece of bread. However, at the moment of Consecration, our eyes of faith see the bread spiritually changed into the real Body (flesh) and real Blood of Jesus, Our Lord. As we receive Communion, so many times we receive the consecrated Host and return to our pew, devoid of all knowledge, devoid of all respect, devoid of all love for He whom we have just received.

This is Jesus, the Son of Mary, who walked this earth with the Apostles. This is Jesus who became our brother when He gave Saint John to His Mother at the foot of the cross saying, "Woman, behold your Son." Jesus Christ, Son of the living God and seated at His right hand has just become one with us in Holy Communion! He who raised Lazarus from the dead, cured the leper, cured the blind man and walked on water is the One who is now alive within us. This is not just a round piece of bread. This is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity; this is the beautiful mystery of Transubstantiation. The Son of God has entered our being! He has come to change our hearts with His Body and Blood and with His love and life. How greatly He has blessed us!

By the power of God, this wonderful mystery takes place every day of the year throughout the world. May we come to realize the magnanimity of this Blessed Sacrament. As He comes to reside within us, God blesses and enriches us to the very core of our being. It is time we opened the eyes of our hearts and souls to recognize He who loves us so immensely. Jesus, the Son of God, desires to live within each one of us if we only say "yes" and invite Him in. He whispers to us, "I, the living God, have come to dwell within you and to bring your soul to new heights. I have come to enrich you with the very essence of Myself."

As you receive Him in Holy Communion and stand before the priest, Jesus Christ is also standing in front of you. When the priest says to you, "The Body of Christ," you are giving your "Amen" to Jesus. As the sun reflects its warm rays of light upon the earth, His rays of love shine forth from the Host, touching your heart and reflecting rays of light from within Himself that reach to your soul. Here He will speak to you the gentle words of wisdom. Listen to Him. He will tell you of His love for you. He will teach you of the life which He gave for you. Now come, my friends, and let us share the meal of the Eucharist.