The Best Jeans for Your Body

Fall is my favorite time of the year to wear jeans, but I wear them all year long. With a piece of clothing that is this versatile, it can actually be difficulty to pick the best pair for you to wear. Jeans come in as many shapes and sizes as we do and in all kinds of styles. I have included the best kind of jeans for five different body types; I hope you find one suited to you.

If you are a petite woman you will need to choose jeans that are uniform in color. Sorry ladies no faded spots or acid wash for you. You should choose pairs of jeans that are wide legged and taper out from the hips down. They should also be creased legged jeans. The wide legs and the creasing will help create a long line and hence the illusion of longer legs.

If you have a boyish type of figure you should choose jeans that have legs that taper in or skinny jeans. Try to find pairs of jeans that allow the waistband to curve downward when you wear them. This will help to create more of a waistline. To create the illusion of having more hips, try jeans with pocket detailing and big chunky belts.

If you are thick through the middle then you need a good pair of high rise jeans. This pair of jeans will help to prevent spillover and give you a smoother profile. Pick jeans with slanted pockets that you hardly notice as this will help not to draw attention to your mid section. Jeans with wide legs will help add dimension to your body.

If you have curvy hips and a wide bottom choose pairs of jeans that have a thick waistband that sits a little higher. This will draw attention to your small waist. Pick out jeans that are boot cut and have large back pockets. The pockets will help to shrink he appearance of a larger bottom and boot cut styles will balance out your hips.

If you are a plus sized woman, select jeans that are made out of stretchy fabric that will give you a snug fit that is comfortable. Boot cut or wide leg styled jeans are the best option for you because they will help balance out your entire profile. The most important advice I can give to a plus sized woman is to buy jeans that are a good fit not a good size.