Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph is the human body type that has more than the average muscle mass. This does not mean that the body type is overweight or obese in any way, but that the body type is of larger properly proportioned muscle size. Not like the body type endomorph with is larger in bone structure and over and weight, or the body type ectomorph which is skinnier and smaller in physique. A good example of this body type is the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He himself a mesomorph transformed his body into the most recognized body builder in the world. Mesomorphs have more of a square head, larger chest, back, legs, broad shoulders, and are able to shed fat fairly easily. The term mesomorph was made up by William Sheldon, an American Physicist who studied human body types, personality types, and delinquency amongst humans in the early 1930's to 1970's. He invented a system of classification between these three body types in order to distinguish the differences.

People with this body type are not just larger in physique but also still naturally athletic. This makes people with this body type suitable body builders or professional athletes. Not like people with the ectomorph body type however, they do have to watch their calorie intake to prevent too much weight gain. But they are able to gain on a much easier level than ectomorphs, as well as they have the same benefit regarding weight loss. Mesomorphs have a much easier time than endomorphs when losing weight. This body type best performs under physical labor or strenuous activity. Always gaining more size and muscle mass these people do well with physical tasks. A mesomorph body type with a poor diet and in active lifestyle can see their own body change rapidly and very easily into the body type endomorph.


"Your Body Type – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph?" By Damien Mase