How to Deal with Body Odor

Worried that you smell a bit random? Don't sweat it – de – whiffing is easy.

Why you smell

We all sweat. Yep, even Little Miss Priss who reckons her you-know-what doesn't stink. Sweat is actually pretty important as it's our body's natural air-conditioner. You feel hot, you perspire; it's just how things work. When you hit puberty you start to sweat more, and it may also start to smell different. If you don't wash it off properly, things can get a little smelly. When sweat is released, it actually doesn't smell at all. Bacteria on your skin will start breaking down the sweat those whiff odors to emerge.

How to stop it

It's normal to sweat, but some people do perspire more than others. You'll never be able to totally stop yourself from sweating. Everyone perspires when they're hot, if they're exercising, if they're stresses or even a little nervous – these are everyday things that aren't going to change. Luckily, there are loads of things you can do to go from stinky to sweat-smelling in a hurry.

Take a daily shower

Sounds simple enough, but make sure you wash properly. Use a gentle soap or treat yourself to a yummy scented body wash. Focus on washing your armpits and genital area really well -these are the spots where lots of sweat glands are located. If it's a super-hot day, or you've been playing sport, go for two showers.

Change your clothes

After you've washed yourself, sticking a stinky old T-shirt over your clean body is a waste of time. Clothes get sweaty when you wear them and will start to smell, even if you're clean underneath. And clean undies every day are a must (although you already knew that). Cotton ones are best.

Got hairy pits?

Consider shaving or waxing them. Moisture can get caught up in the hairs under your arms, making the smell worse. It's also harder to wash away when there's lots of hair there.

Choose natural fibers

If you're super sweaty, opt for clothes made of natural fibers like cotton, linen or wool. Man-made fabrics like polyester and rayon don't breathe. They trap moisture next to your skin, especially if they're tight-fitting, making you feel damp, hot and smelly.

Use deodorant.

This is not optional! A deodorant will cover up suspicious smells, while an antiperspirant actually reduces sweating. You can get products that do both, which is the best option if you tend to get really sweaty. Body sprays are great for masking BO and helping you feel fresh, but don't rely on one to stop you from sweating (they're perfect for freshening up after PE, though).

Start from your insides

Did you know that what you can eat can actually end up coming out through your pores? This'll affect how you smell. Keep your body healthy by feeding it lots or fresh fruit and veggies. It's also H2O intake. The more you sweat, the more dehydrated you'll get. If you don't drink enough water, not only will you feel tired and headachy, you'll also start to get stinker. Drink lots of water to dilute the smell and you'll feel much better too – bonus!