How to Cool Your Body Down for the Summer

Soon, we'll be entering the summer days, of those fun times under the sun. With the summer season comes poor air quality that makes it hard to breathe. Add to it humidity, smog, and air pollution, no wonder many are having difficulty breathing during the summer heat. What should you do to keep your body cool?

Know that children and the elderly populace are sensitive to poor ventilation and heat. Still, everyone is advised to get extra protection to minimize discomfort and life-threatening COPD complications. When temperatures are in their extremes, a person's dyspnea levels can be high, affecting his/her ability to breathe. The body just needs more energy to produce the oxygen levels it needs, and with everything you do, it can be a real struggle. This can then lead to breathing hot air that makes it difficult to breathe properly.

Top 10 Ways to Stay Cool During the Summer

When there are many death-related incidences during the summer months, with people dying from extreme heat, it is crucial that you know how to stay cool by:

  1.  Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Increase your regular fluid intake during the hot summer months regardless of how thirsty you feel.

  1.  Checking Air Quality

Check your weather forecast that includes air quality reports. This can help you know if it's safe to stay longer outside.

  1.  Conserving Energy

Since the heat and air quality are already taking too much of your energy, limit your activities and time your exercise routine. Try working out early in the morning or after dusk. Stay indoors if you can.

  1.  Wearing Protection Against the Sun

From dry fit clothing, UV protected shades, to sunscreen – protect your skin and eyes at all times. The last thing you want is having a sunburn and risking your eyesight to cataracts.

  1.  Staying in the Shade

Try to find shade during the hottest time of the day and if it's not really important, just stay indoors and wait it out.

  1.  Using Air Purifiers

If you don't like air conditioning, you may opt for air purifier. Just make sure these have a HEPA or high efficiency filter to protect you from indoor air pollutants.

  1.  Keeping Your Lungs Fit

You can try deep breathing exercises, laughing, or even coughing. This can help expel bad air from your lungs. Swimming is also great for you so long as you get added protection from the sun.

  1.  Checking Your Loved Ones

If you have elderly people or children at home, give them a call twice a day just to make sure they are okay. Always remind them to drink plenty of fluids and stay indoors.

  1.  Wearing a Mask

Or even a wet cloth will do. If you can't tolerate the bad air condition, you may do any. You may also use a respirator if you are allergic to certain air-born particles. You can buy these masks at any hardware store.

  1.  Consult Your Doctor

If you experience any chest pains or severe migraines, you may need to consult with your doctor and keep your communication lines open. If you suffer from asthma, always keep your inhaler close.

As early as now, make only the healthiest choice in keeping yourself fit for the summer months. When the heat becomes too unbearable, always keep a watchful eye. Take a Splash!