How Sitting at Work is Harming Your Body

Many of of have desk jobs, sitting in front of a computer or paperwork, a lot of us don’t know that sitting is actually very hard on our bodies and has even been shown to lower our life expectancy. Sitting for over 6 hours a day for more than a decade is shown to increase the risk of heart disease by 64 percent. Every year you can lose 1 percent of your bone marrow from sitting 6 hours a day. Still, after all the reasons to stand up, the average American still spends 90 percent of their leisure time sitting down.


How to Counteract the Negative of Sitting All Day

    • Get out of your chair and walk around or do some type of exercise (such as twenty jumping jacks) at least one time every hour.

  • Park further back in a parking lot to add a little extra walking in your day.
  • Use breaks you find during your day (commercials, the end of one episode and beginning of another, after you finish that project or step or any other break in your work.) Use this time to get up and walk around and exercise, after a while it will become a habit.
  • Try and get into an exercise routine, go for a jog or go to the gym in the morning or evening.
  • Try out a standing desk.

shows that just getting up once an hour to do a little exercise will help you to counteract these effects. So spend a few extra minutes standing up and moving a day and gain years back to your life.