Flattering Clothing for Your Body Type

Very few people in today’s society have what is considered the “perfect body.” Though one may not have a perfect body, flattering clothes can create the illusion of perfection. Being knowledgeable of the clothes that best suit your body type will allow you to look and feel more confident. Remember, just because it looks good on the clothing store rack does not mean it will look as good on you!

The texture of the fabric in which your clothes are composed of is a main component in your overall appearance. Shiny fabrics that reflect light tend to make an individual look larger than normal. Dark, dull fabrics tend to make the wearer look slimmer. Also, the strength of the fabric affects the way the wearer looks. are not recommended in weight related problem areas because they tend to show imperfections clearer than most fabric choices. Stiffer, sturdier fabrics provide a more structured appearance, but may not be practical for certain clothing garments.

The pattern that is printed or implied on your clothes provides astronomical visual impact. Horizontal directional lines (either attached or printed) provide a wider, more full bodied appearance. Clothing choices with vertical lines give the illusion of height and slenderness. Garments with zigzagged lines provoke busy visual stimulation, in which the viewer pays more attention to the pattern of the garment than the shape of it.

Frills and ruffles attached to a garment provide a soft, romantic visual appeal, while straight edges portray a more professional, business like appearance.

The color of your clothing choice plays a vital role in your overall appearance. This is mainly influenced by the wearer’s skin pigmentation. Colors that suit your skin tone give the wearer a bright, healthy appearance. Unflattering color choices tend to make the wearer look less healthy and at times more pale. When you wear colors that are visually appealing for your skin tone, you have the opportunity to look and feel better.

Clothing size is essential to your appearance. If you wear a garment that is too large or too small it becomes instantly unflattering. If a clothing article is too small, it will not be comfortable to the wearer and has a greater tendency to become damaged. Choosing the correct clothing size requires personal honesty in knowing what fits comfortably and what doesn’t. It is important to try clothes on before you purchase them because most sizes vary from store to store.

Flattering garments allow you to look and feel your best. Knowing which illusions best suit your body type can make clothing selection much easier.