Ectomorph Body Type

William Sheldon, an American Physicist who studied, theorized, and philosophized toward human physique, personality, and delinquency. While studying the differences between human physique’s in the early 1930’s, he created a physique-classification system and later coined the terms “ectomorph,” “mesomorph,” and “endomorph.” Focusing on ectomorph the definition William Sheldon came up with was that it defined a human physical type that was much leaner than the rest of the human body types. An extreme ectomorph is said to have a thin face with high cheek bone structure, forehead, and chin. Also they have been said to have a narrower chest and abdomen as well as skinner legs and arms. To properly classify someone of the ectomorph body type, their body must be predominatly more ectomorph (skinny) than mesomorph (athletic) or endomorph (heavier bone structure).

Health benefits for people with types is never reaching obesity, this is not huge concern of theirs. Because of their skinnier stature, they burn calories at a much faster rate allowing their metabolism to always burn. This burns off any excess fat that people with these body types carry making it just as hard to gain weight for those on body building routines. People with this body type trying to gain weight need to eat a lot of calories and primarily train large muscle groups such as the chest, back, and legs. They also need to eat before going to sleep in order for their bodies to store the excess calories as fat while burning the least amount of calories in their day. Taking the right supplements such as creatine and protein will also ensure more noticeable weight gain. This also prevents catabolism. To lose weight or to tone their bodies, ectomorphs find it easiest with the aid of their naturally fast metabolism.


“Your Body Type – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph?” By Damien Mase