Drug Use and How it Can Affect the Body and Mind

The drug referred to in this article is amphetamine. To start off with, here is a generalized "menu" of what can be found in meth. It consists of different toxic and dangerous chemicals, which can be incredibly dangerous and sometimes lethal to ingest, even by themselves. Some of the most common components used are drain cleaners, ephedrine, hydrochloric acid, and even starting fluid. With any of those combined it's no wonder that the people making meth get burns on their skin and drug labs end up exploding!

Meth is a highly addictive and destructive drug. It is one of those drugs that reels you in bit by bit, until you reach the point that you feel as if you simply CANNOT live without it. As the old song goes, "the more you see, the more you do." And the more you do it, the more your body craves it. Physically, it can bring on a feeling of euphoria. It gives that feeling as if you are on top of the world and absolutely nothing can drag you down. It also can give you a false confidence. I say that because if you are normally a very introverted, shy and quiet individual, it can bring about a totally opposite change. You can become very outgoing, extroverted, and extremely "chatty", almost as if another personality has taken over your body. It can also cause you to miss many meals, as the appetite has been suppressed and hunger is basically nonexistent. Dehydration is another result from drug use. You simply don't think about taking in liquids, and normally don't want them until it's almost too late.

But the "valleys" after the "peaks" can wreak complete havoc and chaos. The come down from meth can be very sudden, incredibly painful, drastic and emotional. After being "up" physically, mentally and emotionally for X number of days and nights, the body pretty much does a full fledged "crash and burn". Sleep is inevitable, as the body has been deprived of it for so long and that's all it's ready to do. Sleep can last from mere hours to several days, depending on how long the drug binge lasted. Even after getting the much needed rest, the body will still feel tired, achy and run down from being abused so much and pumped full of toxicity.

Another thing that happens during the aftermath is that emotions and tempers run quite high. It is very easy to get upset over just about anything even to the point of violent reactions. Patience is very thin as well. Again, this comes from a lack of proper rest and nutrition and from the toxic chemicals still present in the body. And if your body is craving more "up time", all of those emotions and tempers are very much intensified.

Mentally, meth can cause quite a mess. It causes delusions, hallucinations and extremely poor judgment. Situations that would normally be easy for a clear minded person to deal with or avoid become major issues and catastrophes for those whose minds are fogged from drug use. Slurred, mixed up speech is usually a result as well. At times, a person on meth is unable to even get a straight or complete sentence out.

The best bet for anyone even contemplating trying this dangerous illicit drug is to NOT do it. Marriages have been destroyed by it; jobs have been terminated because of it; and lives have been torn apart and even ended because of the effects of it. Run the other direction as far from it as you can. Your mind, body and soul will definitely thank you for it.