One Body

We are one body,
designed to with stand,
and weather all storms.
We should build it strong,
and not weaken it, to harm.

We must stand and mend,
heal from hate and save all men.
We must strengthen our women,
by believing in our children,
even when we don't understand.

Hate divides our houses,
I know, it divided mine,
Bigotry is a cancer,
sifting through Ideology and time,
and will ruin strong minds.

Social or political,
Moral or Immoral,
Still it rides,
Passing it's hard lined option,
Chiding it's chide.

It's amazing!
We've gotten this far,
with so much inside.

Schools broken,
with uneducated children,
even teachers laugh,
Dumbing down the strong,
I know!
I've seen it,
with my own eyes.

Taking young people,
with hopes and dreams,
and dashing them with political
schemes, giggle in the halls,
at how you told the others,
how dumb and black they are,
Mean while those guy's,
can Pass the Bar!

Or laugh at how,
they don't want to do labor,
While you drive off in your suit,
and Mercedes Benz.

No wonder they want to shoot,
up your neighborhoods,
over and over again.

We are in this together you fool,
Your hate makes a mockery,
out of me,and you.

Ruins it for my children,
at public school,
Your programs of hand me down,
don't work,
While your kids are in private school,
you JERK!

Listen to me here,
I say, Today is the Day!
Poor! Does not discriminate,

So Black and White we will stand,
Together to take back our land,
We won't tolerate HATE!

We won't tolerate your bullshit lines,
Written in The Times,
or movies that separate,
or songs that BERATE!

We are standing today Strong,
and learning to just get along,
we know your games now,

Your Democrat, Republican.
Cash Cow!

Together we will stand,
like God intended for fellow man.

Your the Minority now!
The Minority of Hate!


Rice is Nice for the Mind and Body

White rice and brown rice are not only different in color, but in flavor and nutrients as well. Both are good and good for you, as the saying goes.

What most people do not know is that the majority of rice starts out brown. First, newly grown rice is harvested. Next, the husks are removed. To become white in color, all of the germ and bran must be removed from the rice. To keep its natural brown color, only some of the bran must be removed.

In other words, white rice is not the cousin of brown rice, but rather, brown rice with a facelift.

Without anything added to it, cooked brown rice has a stronger taste than cooked white rice. Brown rice has a slightly nutty flavor, which may be emphasized with the addition of sunflower seeds, nuts, pretzels, and other such ingredients. Tastebuds that enjoy hotter foods might like to jazz up plain brown rice with some salsa. Why not try the spice and heat of a New Orleans brown rice recipe?

White rice, on its own, may taste bland to some, while others enjoy it as a snack or meal, perhaps adding just a smidge of butter for flavor. White rice is often available as a side dish in restaurants. It is popular to add soy sauce to a bowl of steamed rice, a simple dish which is often found in Asian-inspired restaurants. Rice and beans are usually part of – if not side dishes served with – Mexican-based lunches and dinners.

Both brown rice and white rice have carbohydrates, naturally, but there is a difference in this which may interest those currently counting carbs. The carbohydrates in white rice are processed more quickly than those in brown rice. This results in a rise and fall of blood glucose levels. In other words, the carbohydrates in brown rice will cause less of a blood glucose "crash." Brown rice causes fewer spikes and crashes in energy than white rice does.

Rice is a filling dish. This is why, again, it is often treated as a side dish. Some chefs prefer to not drain all of the water from the cooked rice. This is in order to retain the rice's natural ingredients and nutrients. Also, those who chose to keep in some of the water may want to create a creamier dish. This same effect can be achieved with the addition of milk, which also has its own zesty flavor.

There are many popular brands of almost-ready rice mixes out there. Open the box or bag, pour the contents into a bowl or pot, add water, butter and / or milk, cook over the stove or in the microwave, and voila – you have created flavorful rice without having to purchase, chop, slice, dice and otherwise prepare additional ingredients. Recommended pantry-style boxed and bagged brands include Rice-a-Roni – try the garden vegetable pilaf and you will not be sorry – and Lipton's Rice Sides – which have become so popular that they have different categories now, such as Fiesta Sides.

Check out the ingredients on the back of the box to see what kind(s) of rice lurk inside. You may be surprised to discover brown rice listed. Some brands may mix various kinds of rice and risotto.

Some of these famous food companies have now cooked up ready-made rice mixes which are sold in microwavable bags. Talk about no muss, no fuss. There are even Uncle Ben's Rice Bowls available in the frozen food aisle.

Don't be afraid to try brown rice. You may find you like the taste …

Feeding Your Body Right

A diet high in fruits and vegetables helps prevents heart disease, cancer, wrinkles, and weight gain. They are the fountain of youth. Your body needs five to nine servings per day of fruits and vegetables. The average person eats only two to three servings per day. Aim for at least five servings per day to start with and gradually increase.

You are 80% healthier just by eating five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Here are some easy ways to eat more fruits and veggies:

  • Add veggies to your morning omelet or scrambled eggs
  • Add fruit to your cereal, yogurt, or cottage cheese
  • Make a snack mix with pretzels, nuts, and dried fruit
  • Keep frozen fruits and veggies in your freezer
  • Keep canned fruits and vegetables in your cupboard
  • Buy pre-packed applesauce and fruit cups
  • Buy vegetable soup and veggie burgers
  • Buy pre-cut veggies and dip when you get the munchies

Now, let us talk about metabolism. Your body needs food every three to four hours to run efficiently, which gives you more energy, and helps burn more calories. The idea is to eat five to six times a day, with each mini-meal containing no more than 300 – 400 calories. Going for long time without food makes your body go into starvation mode and may even cause you to gain weight.

Complex carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and protein, such as nuts, beans, fish, eggs, and meat take about three to four hours for your body to break down or digest. This means these foods keep you feeling full for a long time.

Simple carbohydrates, such as cookies, white flour, cake, sugar, soft drinks, etc are very quickly broken down or digested. They do not keep you feeling full.

A diet high in simple carbohydrates will actually make you feel hungrier than you really are.

Your stomach is about the size of your fist. Your stomach is made of muscle, which means it has the ability to get smaller or bigger. If you overstuff it for a long time period, it will get bigger. It can also shrink back down to normal size if it is fed normal size portions at regular time intervals. Your body sometimes confuses thirst for hunger. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water before you eat anything. Carry a water bottle with you at all times and order water when you dine out – it is free!


Out of Body

The pieces don't seem to fit

Out of sorts

Out of place

Should I really be here?

A mind straight out of '79

Disconnected from today

Staring towards horizons past

Something's there that I try to bring home

Meaning buried underground

Desperation in the dust

Fortunes told within the rust

I can't define this old soul

If I blink I might wake up

Full of yesterdays that have yet to pass


Do Body Shapers Really Work?

Body shapers are being sold just about everywhere online, TV shopping shows and even Wal-Mart now is selling the body shapers. They are advertised to take several inches off you when wearing them, allowing clothes to fit better and hiding rolls and bulges especially around the mid section. Some places tell you that you can wear their body shaper during the summer and it will keep you cooler and you won't be uncomfortable. While some claim that they can take off 2 inches while wearing them others just state that you will look thinner.

Body shapers are worn under clothing and like the girdles of yesteryear they fit snugly to the body. They come in one piece, and 2 pieces. The one piece will snap at the crotch, which can be harder for plus size women to snap. The two pieces will overlap some at the waist making it easier to wear.

Most of the body shapers are made of spandex or lycra which will give you a tighter fit and will hold in your stomach muscles. With the body wear also giving you better posture you will look thinner, using better poster will help your stomach muscles look flatter. Sometimes the body shapers will also have panels in the front to help your stomach flab compress better. Some of the body shapers I have seen do not have large bulky seams which are great.

Which is the correct style to wear depends on your body type. Sometimes you can get away with just wearing the control briefs, others will benefit from the 2 piece body shapers which will give your bust down to your thighs better shaping and making your buttocks look firmer. There are many styles and selections to choose from with the body shapers, and each style will help you control different parts of your problem areas.

Wearing the body shapers are quite comfortable compared to the old time girdles that you have to wiggle and struggle to get them on. These slip on quite easily and once in place they stay in place allowing going through your day and not even knowing that you are wearing a body shaper. They may help lower pain by giving your back better support and with supporting your stomach muscles.

I wear mine almost everyday. They are comfortable and I don't even know that they are on. I love the way that it smoothes the bulges and makes me look thinner.


Ectomorph Body Type

William Sheldon, an American Physicist who studied, theorized, and philosophized toward human physique, personality, and delinquency. While studying the differences between human physique’s in the early 1930’s, he created a physique-classification system and later coined the terms “ectomorph,” “mesomorph,” and “endomorph.” Focusing on ectomorph the definition William Sheldon came up with was that it defined a human physical type that was much leaner than the rest of the human body types. An extreme ectomorph is said to have a thin face with high cheek bone structure, forehead, and chin. Also they have been said to have a narrower chest and abdomen as well as skinner legs and arms. To properly classify someone of the ectomorph body type, their body must be predominatly more ectomorph (skinny) than mesomorph (athletic) or endomorph (heavier bone structure).

Health benefits for people with types is never reaching obesity, this is not huge concern of theirs. Because of their skinnier stature, they burn calories at a much faster rate allowing their metabolism to always burn. This burns off any excess fat that people with these body types carry making it just as hard to gain weight for those on body building routines. People with this body type trying to gain weight need to eat a lot of calories and primarily train large muscle groups such as the chest, back, and legs. They also need to eat before going to sleep in order for their bodies to store the excess calories as fat while burning the least amount of calories in their day. Taking the right supplements such as creatine and protein will also ensure more noticeable weight gain. This also prevents catabolism. To lose weight or to tone their bodies, ectomorphs find it easiest with the aid of their naturally fast metabolism.


“Your Body Type – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph?” By Damien Mase


Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph is the human body type that has more than the average muscle mass. This does not mean that the body type is overweight or obese in any way, but that the body type is of larger properly proportioned muscle size. Not like the body type endomorph with is larger in bone structure and over and weight, or the body type ectomorph which is skinnier and smaller in physique. A good example of this body type is the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He himself a mesomorph transformed his body into the most recognized body builder in the world. Mesomorphs have more of a square head, larger chest, back, legs, broad shoulders, and are able to shed fat fairly easily. The term mesomorph was made up by William Sheldon, an American Physicist who studied human body types, personality types, and delinquency amongst humans in the early 1930's to 1970's. He invented a system of classification between these three body types in order to distinguish the differences.

People with this body type are not just larger in physique but also still naturally athletic. This makes people with this body type suitable body builders or professional athletes. Not like people with the ectomorph body type however, they do have to watch their calorie intake to prevent too much weight gain. But they are able to gain on a much easier level than ectomorphs, as well as they have the same benefit regarding weight loss. Mesomorphs have a much easier time than endomorphs when losing weight. This body type best performs under physical labor or strenuous activity. Always gaining more size and muscle mass these people do well with physical tasks. A mesomorph body type with a poor diet and in active lifestyle can see their own body change rapidly and very easily into the body type endomorph.


"Your Body Type – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph?" By Damien Mase


How to Get a Great Body In Time For Summer

We all know how difficult dropping those last few pounds and looking fabulous can be. But with summer around the corner, we're all feeling the pressure to look our best when those bathing suits come out of the closet again. This article will help you make those crucial adjustments to get there.

There are two crucial ingredients to toning up and sculpting a great body: diet and exercise. Most people realize this, and of course this article will give advice on these key parts of getting a great body, but it will also cover those things that can make a huge difference to your exercise plan that often aren't talked about: things like tips on motivation, conquering your cravings and measuring your progress the right way (no obsessing over scales ladies!).

But first things first: diet and exercise. The changes you'll want to make to your diet are these: firstly, look to restrict your caloric intake to around 1,700 net calories per day (by net, I mean calories consumed versus calories burned: the more you work out, the more you can effectively eat). This is a relatively easy plan to stick to as it's not so restrictive that you'll want to quit after the first few days, and it should lead to a 6 pound loss in about a month.

Look to decrease your carb intake: most of us eat more carbs than we actually need, and they can cause bloating and unnecessary weight, especially on the tummy. When you do eat carbs, make sure you only eat complex carbs, not simple ones (that means whole wheat/whole grain bread and pasta, no white bread or pasta). At the same time, increase the amount of lean protein you eat: the extra protein will help to build lean muscle – just what you want to show off in your bikini! As a general guideline, shoot for a 60:40 ratio of proteins to carbs. Also, try to eat as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible, drink plenty of water (and little of anything else, especially alcohol, and no soda) and avoid processed sugar (found in candy and other unhealthy processed 'junk' foods).

To get the best body possible, you'll need to combine cardiovascular exercise (like running or biking: anything that gets your heart rate up over 160 beats per minute is ideal) to burn calories and fat, and strength exercises for all over toning and tightening. Try to find forms of exercise that you enjoy doing: that way you'll be more likely to stick with your plan. I like to use the elliptical machine for my cardio, and pilates and light weight training (with a 10 pound medicine ball) for my strength workouts. For optimum results, look to get in 30 minutes of cardio exercise three times a week, and around an hour of strength training one to two times a week.

All this will lead to a great body by the summer months – as long as you can stick to it that is. And this is the hardest part of the equation for many of us. To stay motivated, choose forms of cardio and strength exercise that you enjoy, enlist a friend or two as a training partner(s) (and turn your hot-body goals into a friendly competition), and use music: it's a great tool for getting the most out of your workouts (choose something with a fast beat: it's scientifically proven that you'll work harder and burn more calories without even realizing it).

As for those dastardly cravings: if you can, try to ignore them. The first week or two are …