Calisthenic Work-outs for Your Upper Body

If you want to tone your abs, your chest, and your arms as well without having to buy expensive exercise equipment there are a few exercises you can do called calisthenics. These work-outs consist of movements that create flexibility, reduce body fat, and tone up your muscles. Here are a few calisthenic work-outs and the different ways to use them to work out a specific area.

Pull ups- Any kind of pull ups are great for your upper body. You can use a straight pull up bar or they even have cheap pull up bars with grips on them that you can use to do all kinds of different work-outs. You can even use a tree limb if you want. Work out a variety of different muscles by doing different styles of pull ups. For instance, you can place your hands gripping the bar forward or gripping it toward you. Spread your arms out further to work out the sides of your chest. Pull up, and while holding yourself up, move from left to write. This will tone up even the smaller muscles in your chest, arms, and stomach.

Push-ups- As with any other type of calisthenic, different push-ups can be utilized to target different areas of your body. Do push ups with your hands close to each other, with your hands at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock angles, or you can spread your arms out and do push ups from side to side, with one leg on top of the other. Move left and right as you go up and go down. You can even put your hands in front of you and do superman push ups. It takes a little while to be able to do these.

Dips- All you need for dips is a chair. These will target your chest and biceps mostly. Just sit on the edge of the chair with your hands facing to the sides and stick your legs out. Bring your body in front of the chair and dip down as low as you can go. Move left and right as you go down and lift yourself back up. You can also place your hands on the front of the chair, facing forward, to target different muscle groups.

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