Calisthenic Work-outs for Your Upper Body

If you want to tone your abs, your chest, and your arms as well without having to buy expensive exercise equipment there are a few exercises you can do called calisthenics. These work-outs consist of movements that create flexibility, reduce body fat, and tone up your muscles. Here are a few calisthenic work-outs and the different ways to use them to work out a specific area.

Pull ups- Any kind of pull ups are great for your upper body. You can use a straight pull up bar or they even have cheap pull up bars with grips on them that you can use to do all kinds of different work-outs. You can even use a tree limb if you want. Work out a variety of different muscles by doing different styles of pull ups. For instance, you can place your hands gripping the bar forward or gripping it toward you. Spread your arms out further to work out the sides of your chest. Pull up, and while holding yourself up, move from left to write. This will tone up even the smaller muscles in your chest, arms, and stomach.

Push-ups- As with any other type of calisthenic, different push-ups can be utilized to target different areas of your body. Do push ups with your hands close to each other, with your hands at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock angles, or you can spread your arms out and do push ups from side to side, with one leg on top of the other. Move left and right as you go up and go down. You can even put your hands in front of you and do superman push ups. It takes a little while to be able to do these.

Dips- All you need for dips is a chair. These will target your chest and biceps mostly. Just sit on the edge of the chair with your hands facing to the sides and stick your legs out. Bring your body in front of the chair and dip down as low as you can go. Move left and right as you go down and lift yourself back up. You can also place your hands on the front of the chair, facing forward, to target different muscle groups.

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How to Cool Your Body Down for the Summer

Soon, we'll be entering the summer days, of those fun times under the sun. With the summer season comes poor air quality that makes it hard to breathe. Add to it humidity, smog, and air pollution, no wonder many are having difficulty breathing during the summer heat. What should you do to keep your body cool?

Know that children and the elderly populace are sensitive to poor ventilation and heat. Still, everyone is advised to get extra protection to minimize discomfort and life-threatening COPD complications. When temperatures are in their extremes, a person's dyspnea levels can be high, affecting his/her ability to breathe. The body just needs more energy to produce the oxygen levels it needs, and with everything you do, it can be a real struggle. This can then lead to breathing hot air that makes it difficult to breathe properly.

Top 10 Ways to Stay Cool During the Summer

When there are many death-related incidences during the summer months, with people dying from extreme heat, it is crucial that you know how to stay cool by:

  1.  Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Increase your regular fluid intake during the hot summer months regardless of how thirsty you feel.

  1.  Checking Air Quality

Check your weather forecast that includes air quality reports. This can help you know if it's safe to stay longer outside.

  1.  Conserving Energy

Since the heat and air quality are already taking too much of your energy, limit your activities and time your exercise routine. Try working out early in the morning or after dusk. Stay indoors if you can.

  1.  Wearing Protection Against the Sun

From dry fit clothing, UV protected shades, to sunscreen – protect your skin and eyes at all times. The last thing you want is having a sunburn and risking your eyesight to cataracts.

  1.  Staying in the Shade

Try to find shade during the hottest time of the day and if it's not really important, just stay indoors and wait it out.

  1.  Using Air Purifiers

If you don't like air conditioning, you may opt for air purifier. Just make sure these have a HEPA or high efficiency filter to protect you from indoor air pollutants.

  1.  Keeping Your Lungs Fit

You can try deep breathing exercises, laughing, or even coughing. This can help expel bad air from your lungs. Swimming is also great for you so long as you get added protection from the sun.

  1.  Checking Your Loved Ones

If you have elderly people or children at home, give them a call twice a day just to make sure they are okay. Always remind them to drink plenty of fluids and stay indoors.

  1.  Wearing a Mask

Or even a wet cloth will do. If you can't tolerate the bad air condition, you may do any. You may also use a respirator if you are allergic to certain air-born particles. You can buy these masks at any hardware store.

  1.  Consult Your Doctor

If you experience any chest pains or severe migraines, you may need to consult with your doctor and keep your communication lines open. If you suffer from asthma, always keep your inhaler close.

As early as now, make only the healthiest choice in keeping yourself fit for the summer months. When the heat becomes too unbearable, always keep a watchful eye. Take a Splash!


The Sale of Body Parts

Ivan is a middle aged man who lives in central Russia. He is a construction worker who loves his work, but his pay is barely enough to supports a family of four. His oldest daughter is extremely intelligent and begs her father to send her to college so she can learn to be a doctor. But due to the high costs of a medical education, this is not affordable. Ivan loves his daughter very much,and would do almost anything to send her to medical school. He even tried working at a second job, but there still wasn't enough money.

While Ivan was reading the newspaper he came across an ad offering a large sum of money for a kidney donor. He answered the ad,and latter had a meeting with a doctor and lawyer. After a thorough medical examination,they were prepared to give Ivan 10,000 American dollars, but it would have to be for a kidney plus the cornea of one eye. Ivan thought of the pleasure he would have if he could have a doctor in the family, and he agreed, the operation was done soon afterwards. Ivan was left blind in his left eye,but he felt he had made the correct decision. Working at his job would now be more difficult, but he could still do good work.

Ivan's daughter was given a partial scholarship at a major medical college in Moscow, and the rest of the cost was paid for by the money Ivan gave her. Five years later she graduated with full honors as a cancer specialist. Today she has a private practice in New York City where she has saved the lives of many of her cancer patients. She never forgot what her father did for her,and paid the costs of the whole family coming to America.
Ivan is still a proud man, and often looks into the mirror to remind him of his noble sacrifice.

The sale of body parts has provoked a bad image. It is looked upon by many as a desperate way of making money; and many people think it should be outlawed. But body parts might be all a person has to offer in exchange for the money they so desperately need. Unless the people of the world are able to provide an alternative to the person that is ready to sell their body parts, the people of the world should keep silent. There might come a time when money is desperately needed by them, and those that protest most,would gladly sell their body parts to get it.


Do you want to do something with your body?

What if you could do it through an exercise that is more than just workouts? splash – more precisely pint – an original supply of mixed acids. Not to mention, to the tune of a pound and a half per day.

athletic blends the training of muscles as well as euphoria of both the mind and the numbing pain of physical exercise, except their versions of it.

So in martial arts, as in engineering and physical sciences, the techniques focus on the physical aspects of the self. Today we already have a well-defended system.

Do you want to do something with your body?

The main target is the area from the neck to the hips, below the belly button to the ribs. And one area stands out more than the others: the abdominal muscles.

However, most workouts in the area are difficult and time-consuming, and fall far short ofbmdrach uniform See Yourself Slimink drillbooks.

So if you want that happy feeling of bringing a woman back in form – from the region of the hips up to the rib cage — look no additional help.

And they introduce a super-set of 45-minute workouts, twice a week, usually in the gym with another half-hour spent walking on the treadmill at lower speed.

Folks think they can just do those 45-minutes in the gym, sans the treadmill, and get back in shape. Not true.

Think again.

Past a certain age, or indeed when a person is overweight, the body starts to lose some of the thickness of muscle tissue. That’s when you start getting “beer belly.”

But you don’t choose how many fat cells you have… you getAdd extra fat around the middle from a number of different angles. If you carry the additional fat around your middle, you’ll get additional paths of fat traingle down the body.

Apart from sheer genetics, you can control where the fat is distributed. So you should try to put some extra muscle in that area (such as the abdominal region). That adds up to some extra toned muscle tissue or a higher metabolic rate… and jiggly-wiggly.

But doing this with weights a couple of times per week won’t do you any good, because you won’t build enough muscle.

Any more than once a week, and there’s a big chance that you’re losing muscle, not fat. And that’ll slow down your metabolic rate.

But having more muscle in a wider variety of the body is what will turn your idea of losing weight into real success.

Your metabolic rate can remain constant, so it’s safer to monitor changes in your weight rather than trying to exercise in order to lose weight.

If you stay with this approach and practice good eating practices, you’ll start to notice that not only are you losing body fat, but you’re also seeing and even feeling improvements in your other body areas.…

Do You Know What Your Body Needs?

As we go bouncing through life enjoying everything, little do we realize that right around the corner is time, catching up with us. When we are young we can do all kinds of things and make it without 8 hours of sleep but try making it after you have reached 50 or 60 years old. Now, I am not saying we are old; just that we need a little more care as we get older.

I realized all of this quite by accident last week as I was looking over one of the articles that I had written. As I read I began to notice something familiar about it. I had just read one about the same topic but with another title. Then, to add to that embarrassment, I found that I had repeated myself in this article.

As some of you know, I lost a son back in January. I found myself unable to sleep more than 2-3 hours a night. I also found that I had no memory. I would go into rooms only to stand and look around the room trying to remember what I had come in to pick up.. My doctor said the first sign of sleep deprivation is memory loss. We do not realize what we are doing to our bodies when we do not get the rest we need. I should have gone to a doctor sooner. I needed temporary help. Without it my body does not want to reset that biological clock.

When we sleep our bodies are busy rebuilding good cells and fighting off diseases, among another things. Even our brains cells need to be regenerated. That is why my memory was failing so badly. I was not giving my brain enough rest. Quite often it isn't our fault that we cannot sleep. Just as in my case. But when you realize that there is something not right in your body, one needs to go and get a little bit of help. While talking to my doctor he informed me that I could end up with some serious problems by going without sleep. Everything in our bodies runs on energy. We need air, water, and rest or sleep.

I realized that I would rather take a short term medication and rest my body while going through this loss, rather than chance losing control of everything in my life. While it is not easy to go through some of the things we have to go through, it is a necessary part of life.

I have always lived by one scripture in my life. I love them all but this one has a special meaning for me. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." And that has always proven true for me. If I depend on him for that strength, I will make it through. It is sometimes hard, and it hurts, but he is our Comforter. He will be there for us anytime day or night.

So, after reading my two articles that are so much alike, I have decided it is time for me to slow down allowing Jesus to minister to me concerning my loss. Also allowing the doctor to give me something to help me sleep. Sometimes it takes help from all sides to get us through.

With the help of modern medicine and the Good Lord, I have realized that I am just like everyone else. I need help for many things. That is hard for many of us to admit. Through no fault of yours, sometimes your body needs a little boost from something …

This is My Body

Do we truly realize how blessed we are when we receive the Eucharist at Mass? Do we truly realize, in our hearts and souls, the deep reality of Who we receive in the Eucharist? Do we comprehend in our spirits Who it is that we are touching as we receive the Host from the priest? We are actually "touching" Jesus Himself, our Redeemer. Jesus is placed gently and reverently onto our tongues or into the palm of our hands by the priest or Eucharistic minister. As we lovingly receive Him, we are filled with His presence and transformed through His love. What an overwhelming thought!

As we feel His Presence within, we become mindful of our guardian angel, near us at all times to guide and guard us. During the consecration of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Our Lord, our angel bows in holy adoration. Reverently, the priest lifts the host and declares, as Jesus did over 2000 years ago, "This is My Body. This is My Blood." Our heavenly angel truly knows Who is being adored at that exact moment. Being a heavenly spirit, angels are aware of the heavenly presence in the Eucharist; they bow in complete adoration to their Creator. Unlike our guardian angel, we observe only a small round piece of bread. However, at the moment of Consecration, our eyes of faith see the bread spiritually changed into the real Body (flesh) and real Blood of Jesus, Our Lord. As we receive Communion, so many times we receive the consecrated Host and return to our pew, devoid of all knowledge, devoid of all respect, devoid of all love for He whom we have just received.

This is Jesus, the Son of Mary, who walked this earth with the Apostles. This is Jesus who became our brother when He gave Saint John to His Mother at the foot of the cross saying, "Woman, behold your Son." Jesus Christ, Son of the living God and seated at His right hand has just become one with us in Holy Communion! He who raised Lazarus from the dead, cured the leper, cured the blind man and walked on water is the One who is now alive within us. This is not just a round piece of bread. This is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity; this is the beautiful mystery of Transubstantiation. The Son of God has entered our being! He has come to change our hearts with His Body and Blood and with His love and life. How greatly He has blessed us!

By the power of God, this wonderful mystery takes place every day of the year throughout the world. May we come to realize the magnanimity of this Blessed Sacrament. As He comes to reside within us, God blesses and enriches us to the very core of our being. It is time we opened the eyes of our hearts and souls to recognize He who loves us so immensely. Jesus, the Son of God, desires to live within each one of us if we only say "yes" and invite Him in. He whispers to us, "I, the living God, have come to dwell within you and to bring your soul to new heights. I have come to enrich you with the very essence of Myself."

As you receive Him in Holy Communion and stand before the priest, Jesus Christ is also standing in front of you. When the priest says to you, "The Body of Christ," you are giving your "Amen" to Jesus. As the sun reflects its warm rays of …

How to Get that Beach Body You Want This Summer

Summer is almost here which means many folks are going to be looking for some diet and exercise information so they can hit the beach with they body that they want. I have written many different fitness articles and I know that everyone is looking for the “” of fitness information, but I’m sorry to inform you that there is no quick fix to achieving a beach body. The fact of the matter is that if you don’t have that smokin’ hot body you want now then you probably aren’t going to have it by day one of summer vacation. Achieving the “perfect body” that you have envisioned takes time and sacrifice. There are NO SHORT CUTS or QUICK FIXES! I’m not telling you to give up on your dream this summer and go on a binder and eat everything you want. You can still achieve that beach body, but you might not see the results until much later in the summer.

Many people treat diet and exercise like a sport’s season. Right before summer it is pre-season so you have got to start getting in shape. By the time summer comes you should be in peak condition and have to do a little work to maintain your physique and when winter comes it is time to let yourself go and get fat again.

The problem with this perception is that these habits aren’t good for your body or your health. Really what makes summer so much special than winter? So what, you get to put on your bikini and flaunt off your body. What if you live somewhere that is warm all year around and you can wear your bikini anytime? I guess what I am trying to tell you is that fitness is more than just good looks. If you feel great and your clothes fit better wouldn’t you consider these things positive results? The way your body looks is just a by product of working out. Your main focus should be to achieve the best physical health you can. If you do this then the other things like lean arms and a washboard stomach will come.

There is nothing special or different about a diet plan you will use during the summer when compared to one you use during the winter. Diet and exercise are easy, people just make it difficult. The secret to achieving the body you want this summer is to EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE. You should be doing some form of vigorous exercise for an hour or more per day 5 days out of the week. This doesn’t have to be an hour straight, but an hour of total exercise. What constitutes as vigorous exercise? Obviously not golf, sorry guys. It needs to be something that is going to get your heart rate up. You don’t need to go out and run for an hour straight either. If I was training someone who wanted to get in the best shape possible and lose weight I would have them do interval training or circuit training. I’m not going to go into the details of how to do this, because you can find loads of info on if you just Google it. If you want to know the benefits of interval training check out this article;=750704.

If you are looking for dieting tips then you should stick to the plain and simple basics. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, eat whole grains, and eat in moderation. Make sure that you don’t load up on calories right before you go to bed. If …

PMS and the Body: Know the Basics of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

The monthly period, as it is, poses as a hassle for many women. Coupling it with premenstrual syndrome, it becomes more unbearable. No wonder many women are cranky with their monthly period.

In medical circles, premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, is known to be "a symptom or collection of symptoms five to 11 days before the onset of the period, and resolution of symptoms with periods or shortly thereafter." This condition affects about nine out of 10 women of childbearing age. For half of these women, PMS becomes worse enough to interfere with work and school, and about 10% have symptoms severe enough to disable them.

No one knows exactly what causes PMS; however, experts believe that this may be attributed to hormonal fluctuations that come with a monthly period. Prostaglandins in the body can cause uterine contractions, which cause bruises and tenderness in breasts. Bodily symptoms associated with PMS can also be attributed psychologically, as expectations could translate into psychosomatic symptoms. It could also be pathological, as some diseases like endometriosis, can exacerbate symptoms. A woman's diet can also worsen PMS symptoms. Caffeine raises estrogen levels and makes PMS more severe. Sweets and high-fat foods, on the other hand, can also cause bloating and even irritability.

The most common signs of PMS include breast tenderness and swelling, bloating, a headache, backaches, irritability and depression, mood swings, loss of libido, fatigue, and food cravings. Acne may worsen during PMS episodes.

PMS symptoms can be alleviated through some lifestyle changes. One important change that should come is eating the right kind of diet. Eating fruits instead can satisfy hankering for sweet food. Boosting the intake of vitamins and minerals can also lessen unhealthy cravings for sugar and salt. Smaller meals evenly spaced out during the day can also help in relieving PMS. Fiber also helps in preventing premenstrual constipation, which could add to the severity of abdominal pain. Exercise also helps in cutting fluid retention and boosting blood circulation. It also helps release endorphins that combat mild depression and tension.


Water – Does a Body Good

Water is an essential to life. It covers 71% of the earth’s surface, and composes 70% of the fat free mass of the human body. Think about that. Water is an essential of our lives. It is key to our over all health. We often don’t think of water as being important. It is after all just water. Water helps us live healthy lives. Water is important to many aspects of our body functions. From healthy hearts to weight loss, we could not function without it.

Did you know that drinking water can help you to lose weight? When we are thirsty it is our body’s way of telling us we need fluids. In other words our body is telling us that we need water. We often times take in fluids but in the form of sodas, juices or other beverages that are loaded with calories. If we drank water instead we would stay hydrated and consume many less calories. Water also helps suppress our appetites. It is also important for . What a great incentive to get our daily intake of water.

Water makes up a significant part of our bodies. As I stated at the beginning 70% of our bodies is water. That includes our brain, muscles and hearts. If we do not get enough water, our bodies do not function properly.

Blood is 83% water. Muscles are 75% water. The brain is 74% water. Bone is 22% water. To keep these body organs working properly they need their fair share of water.

Water is the universal solvent. We have all heard this. What this means for our bodies is that water works to dissolve and carry key components to cells. Water can carry and distribute metabolites and hormones to cells. Many solutes are also dissolved in water also. Water contains many mineral that are important to growth, stamina, building muscle and development.

Water lubricates our bodies. Our joints need plenty of water to keep them gliding smoothly. The connective tissue surrounding joints as well as the cartilage needs water to maintain the elasticity that makes them work so well. If your cartilage and connective tissue is well hydrated then they will work more efficiently and the friction damage is minimal. Many people have less joint pain when they make sure they are getting the proper amount of water.

Water plays a key role in regulating our body temperature. Sweating is our body’s way of cooling us off. This is especially important during exercise and hot weather. It is also important to remember that our bodies need just as much water in the cold weather as well.

Water plays many more roles in our health. It is recommended that we get eight 8oz glasses of water a day. In reality this isn’t much at all. Sipping water through out the day can greatly improve our overall health. The benefits to our bodies are tremendous. Next time instead of picking up that soda, why not go for water instead. It will do your body good.


The Best Jeans for Your Body

Fall is my favorite time of the year to wear jeans, but I wear them all year long. With a piece of clothing that is this versatile, it can actually be difficulty to pick the best pair for you to wear. Jeans come in as many shapes and sizes as we do and in all kinds of styles. I have included the best kind of jeans for five different body types; I hope you find one suited to you.

If you are a petite woman you will need to choose jeans that are uniform in color. Sorry ladies no faded spots or acid wash for you. You should choose pairs of jeans that are wide legged and taper out from the hips down. They should also be creased legged jeans. The wide legs and the creasing will help create a long line and hence the illusion of longer legs.

If you have a boyish type of figure you should choose jeans that have legs that taper in or skinny jeans. Try to find pairs of jeans that allow the waistband to curve downward when you wear them. This will help to create more of a waistline. To create the illusion of having more hips, try jeans with pocket detailing and big chunky belts.

If you are thick through the middle then you need a good pair of high rise jeans. This pair of jeans will help to prevent spillover and give you a smoother profile. Pick jeans with slanted pockets that you hardly notice as this will help not to draw attention to your mid section. Jeans with wide legs will help add dimension to your body.

If you have curvy hips and a wide bottom choose pairs of jeans that have a thick waistband that sits a little higher. This will draw attention to your small waist. Pick out jeans that are boot cut and have large back pockets. The pockets will help to shrink he appearance of a larger bottom and boot cut styles will balance out your hips.

If you are a plus sized woman, select jeans that are made out of stretchy fabric that will give you a snug fit that is comfortable. Boot cut or wide leg styled jeans are the best option for you because they will help balance out your entire profile. The most important advice I can give to a plus sized woman is to buy jeans that are a good fit not a good size.